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Welcome to the EarWell Centers of Texas

At the EarWell Centers headquartered in Dallas. Our highly trained team focus on the nonsurgical correction (ear molding) of misshapen ears in newborn infants. We employ the revolutionary EarWell Infant Ear Correction System which restores a near-perfect shape to almost all infant ear deformities. Recent evidence shows that deformities that persist after the first week of life are unlikely to self-correct and the only remaining option is surgery in later childhood. The good news is that results with EarWell treatment are as good or better than what can be achieved with surgery and without the related pain, anesthesia, and related surgery costs.  Becon Medical, Ltd. is the manufacturer of the EarWell™ that was invented by Dr. H. Steve Byrd. Beacon Medical works closely with prominent surgeons like Dr. Byrd to unmet surgical needs and satisfy these needs through the development of innovative products like EarWell.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Steve Byrd’s lifelong philosophy for the EarWell ear molding device used during infancy was to prevent the psychosocial distress that a majority of children with abnormal ears experience throughout their lifetime. He believes that global education on the application of this nonsurgical device used during infancy will prevent the dissatisfaction or social maladjustment caused by prominent misshapen ears in babies. The published tests used in research studies by leading researchers were the Child Behavior Check List, the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children, and the Children’s Depression Inventory. There are documented older children of multiple ages with misshapen ears whose problems are too extensive to be solved even by surgical intervention. Our physicians at the EarWell Centers desire that children destined for this psychological outcome may be prevented. We place great value on personal relationships with our families. We are honored that parents trust us with their child’s care and we take this responsibility very seriously. It is fantastic to be a part of the excitement that surrounds the entrance of these newborns into their families.

EarWell Inventor

Learn more about Dr. Steve Byrd, the director of the EarWell Centers, and the inventor of the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System. Dr. Byrd is an authority on infant ear molding to correct infant ear deformities and otoplasty (ear surgery), a surgical procedure to correct ear deformities by improving the shape, size, positioning, and/or functionality of the ears.

H. Steve Byrd, MD

Andrea Hidinger, Nurse Practitioner, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, IBCLC

Andrea, has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from The Ohio State University, she has a Masters in Nursing from the University of South Alabama, specializing as a Maternal Child Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Family Nurse Practitioner Post Masters Certificate from UT Tyler.  She is also Internationally Board Certified (IBCLC) as a Lactation Consultant and Nationally Board Certified by AANP as a Nurse Practitioner. Andrea has received numerous honors and awards; most notably graduating Summa Cum Laude with graduate degrees from USA and UT Tyler, she was also named in the Great 100 Top Nursing Awards for North Texas in 2009. Andrea has authored the published The Newborn Nursery Heel-Stick Study; Reducing Pain in Newborns which was published, in the peer reviewed journal of Maternal Child Nursing. For the last 12 years Andrea has focused on caring for newborns and their families. Andrea’s goal is to bring compassionate care and knowledge to parents of newborns, while working for the EarWell Centers of Excellence that values integrity and cutting-edge innovation.

Nora Garcia, Insurance Coordinator

Nora Garcia is the insurance coordinator for Earwell Centers of Excellence.  She has been working with Dr. Byrd since 2010.  She spends most of her work day corresponding with insurance companies to ensure parents and his patients are receiving the full benefit of their medical policy.  She wants a newborn’s parent(s) to be fully aware of their financial responsibility prior to visiting our Centers, which allows them to make an informed decision.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and family. 

Stefanie Green, Practice Manager

Stefanie Green is the Practice Manager for Earwell Centers of Excellence.  She began working as Dr. Byrd’s patient coordinator in his adult cosmetic surgical practice in 2006 and began managing his practice in 2012.  She is excited to follow him into this next phase of his career.  She looks forward to continue working alongside Dr. Byrd to familiarize parents and pediatricians with the Earwell treatment.  She is the mother of three grown children.  Her favorite part of this new position is getting to continue learning from and working with Dr. Byrd.

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