EarWell System vs Otoplasty

We all know and most have experienced first-hand the pain that can be caused by teasing and bullying during childhood. All it takes is for something, anything about a person to be different, and the teasing will commence. It may start slowly, and it may even seem like gentle, friendly kidding, and we might even laugh along at first, but it rarely stays gentle or friendly. The pain can be brutal and the damage devastating. It’s bad enough when it happens to you, but when our child becomes a target, that’s nearly unbearable.

Most cases of protruding ears are caused by excess cartilage behind the ear or lack of normal anatomy. Many patients have a combination of deformities, which not only call for the removal of excess cartilage, but the use of special sutures to hold the remaining cartilage in place. Otoplasty surgery is used to correct ear deformities and because of the teasing children endure, most plastic surgeons recommend that the Otoplasty surgery be done before the child enters primary school. By the time the child reaches 5 or 6 years of age, the majority of the normal ear growth has stopped making Otoplasty the most effective correction option at this age.

Protruding ears are a very common problem and can be hereditary. If you were teased as a child because your ears were too big, or stuck out too far from your head, at least according to the current standard of beauty, it’s very likely that your child may face the same battle.

The EarWell System allows ear deformities to be corrected without Otoplasty surgery IF the condition is caught in the first 7 – 10 days after birth. Most new parents are so delighted over the birth of their beautiful child, they’re simply busy reveling in the new perfect addition to their family. That’s the way it should be! We’re hoping to make pediatricians, expectant parents and even OB-Gyn doctors aware of this 7 – 10 day window that would help this child to avoid a 2 hour surgery, 3 – 6 weeks of recovery and a lifetime of painful, heartbreaking teasing.

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