Infant Ear Deformities

Correcting Babies Ear Deformities without Surgery

Infant Ear Deformities

What Causes Infant Ear Deformities?

Most ear deformities or malformations of the ear are congenital (present at birth), although some can occur due to disease or trauma later in life. Ear deformities can be a symptom of a genetic disorder, such as CHARGE or Goldenhar syndromes, or the result of a genetic mutation.

Other contributors to ear deformities can include:

  • Maternal viral infection, such as German measles (Rubella) or flu
  • Insufficient blood supply during fetal development
  • Exposure, in utero, to certain medications or toxins


While some ear deformities are only a cosmetic concern, other ear anomalies can affect nearby bones, nerves, cartilage, and muscles. Hearing loss and developmental delays can also be associated with ear deformities.

Anatomy of a Normal Infant Ear
  • Antihelix (antihelix) forms a ‘Y’ shape where the upper parts are located
  • Antitragus is below the tragus
  • Aperture is the entrance to the ear canal
  • Auricular sulcus is the depression behind the ear next to the head
  • Concha is the hollow next to the ear canal
  • Conchal angle is the angle that the back of the concha makes with the side of the head
  • Crus of the helix is just above the tragus
  • Cymba conchae is the narrowest end of the concha
  • External auditory meatus is the opening of the ear canal
  • Fossa triangularis is the depression in the fork of the antihelix
  • Helix is the folded over outside edge of the ear
  • Intertragal notch is the space between the tragus and antitragus
  • Lobe (lobule) may be attached or free, based on genetics
  • Scapha is the depression or groove between the helix and the antihelix
  • Tragus is the small pointed eminence of the external ear that is in front of the concha and projects back over the meatus

Lidding Ear Deformity

Prominent Ear or Cup Ear Deformity

Prominent Ear or Cup Ear Deformity

Stahl’s Ear Deformity

Helical Rim Ear Deformity

Mixed Ear Deformity

Constricted Ear Deformity

Constricted Ear Deformity

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