Infant Ear Deformities

The EarWell Infant Ear Correction System has been used globally on over 100,000 infants with misshapen ears. EarWell inventor, Dr. H. Steve Byrd, is renowned globally as a researcher, author, lecturer, teacher, and leading innovator in pediatric plastic surgery.

Correcting Infant Ear Deformities without Surgery

What We Do

The Global EarWell Centers provide a team of highly trained physicians and staff who are dedicated to correcting infant ear deformities. Utilizing the latest technologically advanced equipment and techniques they produce consistent results without invasive surgical procedures. Learn more about our state-of-the-art services!

Our Philosophy

Dr. Steve Byrd's lifelong philosophy for the EarWell ear molding device used during infancy was to prevent the psychosocial distress that a majority of children with abnormal ears experience throughout their lifetime. He believes that global education on the application of this nonsurgical device used during infancy will prevent ...learn more on our philosophy

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Correcting Babies Ear Deformities without Surgery

Ear Molding for Infants

Our focus is on the nonsurgical correction of misshapen ears in newborn infants. Dr. Steve Byrd, the EarWell inventor, developed the revolutionary “EarWell Infant Ear Correction System” which restores a near-perfect shape to almost all infant ear deformities. Deformities that persist after the first week of life are unlikely to self-correct and the only remaining option is surgery in later childhood. The good news is that results with the nonsurgical ear molding device, EarWell, is as good or better than what can be achieved with surgery and without the related pain, anesthesia, and related surgery costs. We have EarWell Centers throughout Texas.

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EarWell Centers of Texas Ear deformities in infants can either be congenital (born with the deformity) or acquired (E.g. trauma). Ear deformities often provoke teasing by other children; they can …

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Please enjoy our Video Gallery and Photo Gallery of infant ear deformities corrected by ear molding with a non-surgical device, the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System, invented by Dr. …

Dr. Steve Byrd

Dr. Steve Byrd, is known as a caring and compassionate doctor, pediatric and adult plastic surgeon, researcher, lecturer, and inventor. Dr. Byrd, is renowned globally as the inventor of the EarWell, a nonsurgical device to correct infant ear deformities.

Understanding Ear Deformities in Infants

Did you know that between 25% and 30% of infants are born with ear deformities? Dr. Byrd’s EarWell infant ear molding device will help over 1.2 million babies born in the US alone. To learn more about the different kinds of ear deformities that are common in infants, as well as why these common deformities should be corrected as early as possible, click below!

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